The Routeburn track includes a spectacular crossing of New Zealand's Southern Alps and takes you through the incredible landscapes of Mt Aspiring and Fiordland National Parks. 



This Great Walk is a 2-4 day, 32km track. The track starts at either the Routeburn Shelter or The Divide.


The Track

The bright green colours of the beech forests with various lichen, mosses and ferns to the sub alpine vegetation including the mt cook buttercup and the south island edelweiss. In this area is also some of NZ's most endangered bird species.

Fora & Fauna

Who were the first to see the Routeburn? How did they get there? When were the huts built?


History & Geology

There are Four DOC Huts for you to stay at. They are Routeburn Flats, Routeburn Falls, Lake Mackenzie and Lake Howden Hut. After a great days tramp/hike they offer a welcome sight.

The Huts

Raining, shining, hailing, storming, the Routeburn can easily have Four Season in a Day. So what is the usual weather pattern on the Routeburn? Whats the average rainfall per month?


Who to contact when you want your car relocated, what's the latest weather forecast, where to hire hiking equipment. All the contacts here to help with your logistics.


Nearly 20,000 people visit the Routeburn Track each year. Meet some of them who work, guide or walk this track. They each have an interesting story to tell.


So you have decided you want to walk the Routeburn track. Read on to find out: how to get there and what to take.



Looking for info and tips on what food to take, Clothing, Hiking with children, Packs, Boots, Hiking techniques.



The Routeburn Track New Zealand
A Photographic Souvenir by Ron Enzler

This 96 page book is filled with Panorama Photos taken from all the major viewpoints along the Routeburn Track. Included are photos of the most popular birds and Alpine plants that can be seen along the Routeburn. There is a 3D Map of the Track showing Hut locations and special points of interest.

Due to travel commitments unavailable to take book orders via this website until further notice.